A Healthy and Tasty Treat

There are two main types of oranges, bitter and sweet. Most people are familiar with the common sweet oranges (botanical name Citrus Aurantium) as a tasty fruit that can be peeled and eaten. What many people do not realize is that the orange peel can be kept and used as an orange peel tea, or you can buy orange peel tea from many herbal companies. The orange tree needs a fairly warm climate to thrive, and orange oil is derived from the fruit peels. The peels are fragrant and can be used medicinally for many different health issues and problems.

The main constituents in orange peels and thus orange peel tea include vitamin C. In addition, orange peel bioflavonoids are thought to increased cardiovascular circulation, and may have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The orange peel has long been overlooked as something only fitting for the potpourri and not the medicine cabinet. However, historical journals have indicated that the orange peel has been used for many years as a treatment for bronchitis and asthma, which indicates that the orange peel acts as a safe bronchodilator and improves the lung capacity while reducing the narrowing of the airway passage and clearing mucus.

Aside from these medicinal actions of the orange and orange peel tea, the Vitamin C in an orange is an important part of every person’s diet. Statistics indicate that a shocking number of both children and adults do not receive a proper amount of this essential vitamin, and the effects of a Vitamin C shortage can be devastating. These can include rickets, dark skin spots, scurvy, infected wounds, loose teeth, fatigue, digestion problems, and even serious heart conditions. In addition, Vitamin C is essential as an aid to help the body absorb calcium in order to keep the bones healthy.

Even if you feel that you have enough Vitamin C in your diet, you should still enjoy the many benefits of orange peel tea. Not only does it have many added benefits to your health, it is a very pleasantly tasting drink that has a fabulous fragrance, and is good with other herbal teas, such as rose hip or chamomile. Not many people have life-threateningly low amounts of Vitamin C in their diet, but many, if not most, could use more. Don’t take chances with your good health – enjoy a delicious and vitamin rich herbal tea that helps in so many ways.

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