Let Yourself Enjoy Good Health and a Good Source of Vitamin C

When people think of oranges, they naturally associate them with Vitamin C. And while it is certainly a fact that oranges are a great source of this much needed vitamin, what some people don’t realize is that the orange peel also has plenty of Vitamin C. When you buy orange peel tea from a place like Buddha Teas, you are not only getting a high quality product that was packaged with incredible care, you are also treating yourself and your loved ones to a healthy drink that will boost the immune system and fight fatigue. Health has never tasted so good!

Vitamin C deficiency is perhaps not as common as it once was, but it is a fact that it still does exist, even in the United States. Even having some Vitamin C is not enough to ensure good health and body function; it is recommended that you have 90 milligrams a day of Vitamin C, and children, smokers, pregnant women and those who experience high levels of stress should have more than that. When you buy orange peel tea, be sure to check the Vitamin C levels in each package to help you receive the right amount in your drink.

Orange peel is far more than just a fragrant addition to a tea. The Vitamin C within this citrus peel can act as an inhibitor against infection in the body, and is a fabulous and fast-acting antioxidant. The best medicine is prevention, and you can keep yourself at optimum health when you have buy orange peel tea from a good source and drink some every day. Regular levels of Vitamin C in your diet, particularly in teas which are readily absorbed, can act as an antihistamine against allergens, improve lymphatic function and health, and can significantly lower high blood pressure.

While it may seem simple to add Vitamin C to anyone’s diet, most think that they are receiving an ample amount from the foods or supplements they ingest every day. While it is true that a good supplement of Vitamin C is can give your body the nutrients it needs, most simply assume that their foods provide the right amounts. Unfortunately, this is why so many have inadequate amounts of this essential nutrient. Rather than leave your health up to chance, buy orange peel tea and share with family and friends. You can improve your health and the health of your loved ones.

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